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Aore Lighting - Light Action - a feast of light and knowledge

Aoyue Lighting - Light Action - a feast of light and knowledge
In the autumn of 2021, in order to strengthen the understanding and application of lighting knowledge by brand store personnel, Aoyue Lighting knowledge training is conducted on 20 newly joined brand stores to bring you a feast of light and knowledge. This trip is called "Yuguang Action".

The on-site training to lighting basic knowledge, lighting techniques, Aoyue product characteristics and application, case analysis, sales skills, product selling points combing, health lighting concept and other content with the brand store staff to carry out in-depth exchanges and sharing.

Design is a limited art, and standards are guided by direction. In people's lives, light is not only the condition of indoor lighting, but also the basic element of expressing space form and creating environmental atmosphere. Light is a very infectious medium, in its setting off, even when the night falls, the built environment can still shine, become the protagonist of the city.
"Endless life, more than light", 2021 Aoyue lighting Yuguang action is successfully concluded, thank you for the warm cooperation of the brand store AoYue family, sincerely wish you can learn something in this activity, let us see you next time.